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Enjoy our menu!

Our main focus is to have options for a lot of different people. Everyone has something they can't or won't eat, and alternatives is the name of the game. At Løvetann, gluten-free and vegan meals shine just as bright as any other menu item. We keep our menu fresh, unique, and varied. Our home made meals aren't just delicious, they're beautifully presented and thoughtfully sourced, using only fresh and free-range ingredients. 

For gluten-free options and other substitutes, just ask!


Morning Menu


Served until 12:00



Contains milk and eggs.

Our free-range egg and cream omelette comes with your choice of toppings. For just 20,- each, choose from: a slice of fresh sourdough bread, free-range bacon, free-range ham,
cheese, or other vegetables.


Turkish Eggs

Contains milk, eggs, sesame, wheat

Vegetarian. Poached eggs, labneh with zaatar and burned butter. Served with our homemade sourdough bread.

Can be ordered gluten free.

Recommended with Weißburgunder vegan white wine.


Dining Menu


Served after 12:00




Hummus with Pita


Contains wheat.

Dip into a serving of each of our three unique and homemade specialty hummuses: sweet potato, green peas and mint, and classic - served with pita bread.

Sourdough Bread w/ Olive Oil


Contains wheat.

Sliced bread with tasty olive oil.

Olive Bowl


A delicious bowl of mixed olives.



Simple and timeless, popcorn is a favorite for everyone!

Peanut Mix


Contains peanuts.

Mixed bowl of salty and chili peanuts.

4pc. Falafel Bowl


Contains wheat.

Four pieces of handmade falafel fried to perfection with garlic and fresh herbs and spices.


spicy red bean soup.jpg

Plain Croissant

Contains wheat and sesame.

Baked fresh every day our homemade croissants are oh so buttery and flakey!


spicy red bean soup.jpg

Ham & Cheese Croissant

Contains wheat and sesame.

If you’re a little more hungry, try our fresh croissants with slices of ham and cheese!




Indulge yourself with one of our home made dessert options for the day! A variety of vegan and Gluten-Free options are available, just ask at the bar for today’s selection!

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